We put heart and soul into each project. We want the result to be amazing. And we'll work with you until it is.



The visual elements that represent your company tell a story about you. They need to match the quality of the products or services you offer. They need to relate to customers and engage people in a positive way. Our talented graphic artists have been creating award-winning designs for decades. We can create a logo, custom signage, print pieces and digital elements that all work together to tell your unique story. 



A new company, Sewfinity, needed a logo that would represent love of sewing and the simplicity of their modern business design and trendy fabric and product offerings. They had strong ideas for branding elements, colors, and typefaces, and after collaborating with Kampfire Media, the result was elevated beyond what they could imagine.


Zelus Recovery

Zelus Recovery, a new Boise-based treatment center, needed branding elements for their business launch: a logo, print materials, a website, outdoor signage, and a website. Kampfire Media worked with the founder to help define their unique story. We then created engaging, quality pieces that intertwined their custom messaging to create specialized, professional brand guidelines and all the pieces needed to successfully launch the business.

Corporate Videos

Nothing can explain, engage, entice, or entertain like a video. It can be key to selling your products and expertise fast when it's on the homepage of your website. Or maybe you need a series of social media videos. Our creative director will work with you every step of the way to create the product for you and your budget. Pricing varies with each project; we'll be happy to give you a detailed quote after we discuss your specific needs.


Boise Ketamine Clinic

Kampfire Media helped to launch the opening of the Boise Ketamine Clinic with this informative video. Engaging animation shows how ketamine works, while the founder of the clinic explains why the clinic is so important and needed.


Red Aspen

Red Aspen wanted to announce a new product in a way that would highlight brand attributes and product features at the same time. Kampfire Media worked to design a visual story around their new eyeliner, resulting in this beautiful, engaging video.


Idaho Shakespeare Festival

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival asked Kampfire Media to create a video that would explain its amazing school tours program. We helped outline messages they most wanted to share, wrote a script, and filmed performances and b-roll to compile an engaging story for their target audience.